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The Prince Edward Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to providing impartial law enforcement for its citizens and visitors with up-to-date criminal investigation techniques, highly trained staff to assist with societal needs and state of the art equipment.  At Prince Edward County Sheriff’s Office, we are dedicated to community involvement and interact with the public through community policing.  There are a number of employees of this department who also serve as firemen and/or rescue squad members.  In addition to volunteering for emergency services, Deputies work on building bonds with the citizens of the county and provide support and services through character building programs such as D.A.R.E., Class Action, or Drug Awareness events for parent’s and youth.   Other community programs include Project Lifesaver, Highway Safety Events, Senior Safety, Triad, CrimeSolvers, and the Neighborhood Watch Program.



The Prince Edward County Sheriff’s Office has a vision of seeing a secured future for today’s children and their families provided for by a unified system of government along with citizen interaction.