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Worsham Clerks Office

Prince Edward County was formed in 1754, the first Court House was located in the tiny village of Worsham, as Farmville was not formed until 1798. The Clerk of Court office in Worsham is a tiny two room building just a short drive south of Farmville on Rt 15. It is used today as a meeting or event space and can be reserved by calling 434.392.8837.

Worsham Clerks Office, Prince Edward County

Branch Worsham was the first Clerk of Court for Prince Edward County. He served in that position from 1816-1869. His original in-tact desk was recently bequeathed to Prince Edward County where it resides in The Heartland Regional Visitor Center and Transportation Heritage Museum.

Branch Worshams' Original Clerk of Court Desk

Pictured at left is the original desk used by Branch Worsham during the 50 years he was Clerk of Court for newly formed Prince Edward County. The desk is fully functional, and the blotter is original. When you visit the museum, ask the attendant to open the desk so you can see doodlings that may date back to 1820! The desk remained in the Worsham family until 2007 when Charles Pickett died and bequeathed it to Prince Edward County.

Cabinet from Worsham Clerk's Office

Pictured at right is one of the four cabinets that were original to Worsham's Clerks Office. Two cabinets were beyond salvage, so some of their parts went to renovated the other two cabinets. Both reside in The Heartland Regional Visitor Center & Transportation Heritage Museum in Prince Edward County.

If you look very closely, you can see a slight color difference on the outward facing shelf (left side of cabinet, second shelf from the bottom). When this shelf was being renovated, the master craftsman noticed there was paper glued to the shelf identifying what was expected to be placed there. He saved that piece for posterity. When you come to the Museum, ask the attendant to show you this piece of history from 1869.

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Just across Route 15, on the original grounds of the Prince Edward County Courthouse, can be found the Debtors' Prison which has been restored to it's original condition. This tiny prison is a one room mud and wood building; the floor is wood, and there is a fireplace on the north end of the building. The windows are tiny and barred - but one could imagine how difficult an incarceration would be in a building with little ventilation or light during the long hot summers in Southside Virginia.

Debtors' Prison in Prince Edward County Plaque posted on Debtors' Prison
Prince Edward County Debtors' Prison
Stocks outside of Debtors' Prison