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Worsham Clerks Office

Worsham Clerks OfficeThe tiny community of Worsham, was once a thriving community and the site of the first Clerk of Court and Courthouse for Prince Edward County. It received its grant in 1747 and served as the county seat from 1754 until 1872. As you drive on US Route 15 from Farmville to Keysville, you will see several historical markers proclaiming the history of the area. Across the highway is the old Debtor's Prison where residents of the county could find themselves incarcerated for not paying their taxes!

The original village of Worsham contained 21 dwellings alongside the county buildings, and a substantial number of private businesses, including a coach manufacturer, a tanyard, and other blue collar businesses. There was a beautiful Presbyterian church just 1/4 of a mile away and two academies for teaching the youth of the area.

When Farmville was chosen as the county seat in 1872, the county buildings were mostly abandoned. Worsham courthouse was Prince Edward Academy for several years.

Today, the Worsham Clerks Office is available for rent for meetings or events by contacting the County Administrator's office at 434.392.8837.

Debtor's Prison

Debtor's Prison - Route 15 south of Farmville, Virginia

Last Updated: August 3, 2012